Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Hey everyone! We'll probably bombard you by email, blog and phone about Wednesday night to make sure everyone has the same info. I think there was a misunderstanding on Sunday to meet at 6:00 and go to the 6:30 session. Unfortunately, I don't think that exists. So, please still plan on attending the 6:00 session - which would mean meeting at 5:30. Let's please plan to meet in the chapel at the temple rather than at our ward building, that way if there are any snags, at least we're in the temple rather than trying to rush over. And if anyone's game, we could grab ice cream or something after the session. (But not Maverick frozen yogurt. Our last experience still haunts me. Should have known better than to buy dairy from the sketchy location on North Temple.)

So, recap:
WEDNESDAY, September 26 - meet at the temple @ 5:30 for 6:00 session. Optional frozen goodness after the session.

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