Friday, September 14, 2007

Finally, Some Visual Representation

Kudos to everyone in this shot who managed to hold a great smile in spite of the confusing 7-second delay.

The group after Jake Otteson made his triumphant ascent - I swear he must have RUN up the mountain. Impressive.


Cyndi said...

Looks/sounds like a fun time! Sorry Craig and I couldn't come but it was my Birthday so we had a bunch of fun plans already. (If you want to see what we did just go on our blog). We are excited to come to the future activities. Another unfortunate is that we will probably have to be in the Thursday group of people for the Temple. Anyway...looks like fun times!

Allison Riley said...

Oh, shoot! I'm sorry we won't catch you this month. But hopefully October will work better! I hope school is giong well, and HAPPY Birthday!