Thursday, August 30, 2007


I changed the settings so anybody can post comments (I believe...). Just select "other" and cough up the info they're after.

Ensign Peak

As the inaugural activity of the oh-so-hip young marrieds club, how 'bout we conquer a mountain? Or at least walk up a leisurely path the top of Ensign Peak…?

Normally, let’s plan to have our monthly activity on the first Monday of each month. The day o’ labor throws September off, however, so please plan on Monday the 10th.

When: Monday, September 10 @ 7:00 p.m.
Where: Parking Lot of LDS Church below Ensign Peak
Who: You… and a good pair of shoes. Or a pair of flip flops (my footwear of choice for my first Ensign Peak experience. They fared pretty well … but a hike a few weeks later totally knocked them out for the count. That is $11.96 I will never see again.)
What: We’ll have a lesson at the top and finish up with treats (certainly, a church activity staple) in the park below the peak.

If two or three people would volunteer to bring a treat for the after-party, that would be great. Just leave a comment and let us know!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Extreme Blog Makeover

For those of you who visited the site in its former template life, I hope you like the new look. I can't take one bit of credit for this ... I'm just glad I have a scrapbooky sister (a literal sister, not in the ward sense), she makes me look good.

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You may notice the links to the right labeled "PAIRS" - these are to link to each couple's individual site. Thanks, Anna & Mason and Teresa & Kyle for the info! If anyone else has a site they'd like us to link to, let me know.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Marmalade Pairs

I didn't realize naming a blog could be so difficult. I hope it's at least 1/3 that easy to name a child, or Noah and I may resort to some sort of numbers system.

We are so excited to get to know the couples in this ward! I'm starting to wonder if playing host and hostess really counts as a legit calling - or if the bishopric is going to catch on and reassign us as nursery leaders :) Until then ... we're going to relish this opportunity to get to know each of you.

If you're like us, so much of our day happens in front of a computer, it's almost sad. And my daily regiment of "must-visits" is somewhat akin to a crack addiction, I'm sure. But add this url to your favorites (addictions, whatever...) and check it often for updates, upcoming activities, pictures, the whole shebang. Also, take FULL advantage of the comments option - we're banking on feedback to make this successful, because let's face it - Noah and I are not nearly as fun or creative as the whole lot of you combined.