Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Marmalade Pairs

I didn't realize naming a blog could be so difficult. I hope it's at least 1/3 that easy to name a child, or Noah and I may resort to some sort of numbers system.

We are so excited to get to know the couples in this ward! I'm starting to wonder if playing host and hostess really counts as a legit calling - or if the bishopric is going to catch on and reassign us as nursery leaders :) Until then ... we're going to relish this opportunity to get to know each of you.

If you're like us, so much of our day happens in front of a computer, it's almost sad. And my daily regiment of "must-visits" is somewhat akin to a crack addiction, I'm sure. But add this url to your favorites (addictions, whatever...) and check it often for updates, upcoming activities, pictures, the whole shebang. Also, take FULL advantage of the comments option - we're banking on feedback to make this successful, because let's face it - Noah and I are not nearly as fun or creative as the whole lot of you combined.


Shad said...

I am in sacrament meeting not singing but commenting on the blog. ( shhhhh.......) Stacie and I (Shad Grover) think this is a great blog. Being very social ourselves are always looking for peers that we can have fun and relate to. Look us up at anytime in the Capitol Garden Condo's on Center T. (438 N #308).

Allison Riley said...

Great! Thanks for checking it out Shad and Stacie ... I promise not to tell yesterday's speakers :) We hope you'll plan on joining us each month!

Christina said...

Great job on the webpage--it looks great.

I'm glad to have something to check other than myspace :)

Christina Rothschild

Brian Rothschild said...

Excellent idea. What next? A young pair disco contest? Do we need a theme song? I vote for Boston "More than a Feeling" or anything by Journey.

Seriously, though, Christina and I are excited to hang with such cool people.

Brian Rothschild

Allison Riley said...

Welcome to the page, Rothschilds! I hope this ends up being a great outlet for the couples in our ward. I had a seminary teacher once who substituted the words to Journey's "Faithfully" with the names of the quorum of the twelve. It was a great mnemonic device, but I'm not sure Steve Perry's flowing locks are the greatest visual during conference :)

Thanks for the suggestions!

ƒ Ä é said...
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Anonymous said...

Just so everybody knows, Allison is not is this one alone. I will be helping some. Allison is just a much more witty writer than me.


ƒ Ä é said...

The husband and I are new to the whole blogging thing. What now? We've lived in the ward about a year now however, we've only been once...hopefully this blog thing will help us find new friends and neighbors.

B Jay & Fae Larson

p.s. we're (Grover's, Kasteller's and us) the Capitol Gardens Clan.

Allison Riley said...

Yay! Welcome to the Blog B Jay and Fae! We hope these FHEs will be a great way to get to know everyone.

Matt said...

Yo my fellow "Jam" couples!

This stuff is pretty diggity if you asking me. I love it. Nice work Allison and Noah. My wife and I just moved into the word in the middle of July so we really know nobody (except for Mark Watson). Anyway, we bought a house on Fern Avenue and would love to host some get down's if you know what I mean. Beyond that, I myself am crazy busy style so I won't be able to make it a lot of FHE unless it starts ringing it's bell on another day besides Monday... I'm still hoping. But Temple night we're down. Thanks for the updates and hope to meet all of you mysterious people soon!


Matt and Sadie

Allison Riley said...

Welcome to the site, Matt and Sadie! And thanks for the link to yours - I'll add it shortly. SO sorry Mondays have you out of commission, but we will keep you posted on any and all non-Monday events.

Anonymous said...
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