Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ensign Peak

As the inaugural activity of the oh-so-hip young marrieds club, how 'bout we conquer a mountain? Or at least walk up a leisurely path the top of Ensign Peak…?

Normally, let’s plan to have our monthly activity on the first Monday of each month. The day o’ labor throws September off, however, so please plan on Monday the 10th.

When: Monday, September 10 @ 7:00 p.m.
Where: Parking Lot of LDS Church below Ensign Peak
Who: You… and a good pair of shoes. Or a pair of flip flops (my footwear of choice for my first Ensign Peak experience. They fared pretty well … but a hike a few weeks later totally knocked them out for the count. That is $11.96 I will never see again.)
What: We’ll have a lesson at the top and finish up with treats (certainly, a church activity staple) in the park below the peak.

If two or three people would volunteer to bring a treat for the after-party, that would be great. Just leave a comment and let us know!


Stephen and Victoria said...

Allison - the blog site looks great! We also hope for your sake that naming a child is at least 1/3 easier than naming a blog site. We laughed out loud when we read your comments!

As a first hit of our newest addiction, we'll be happy to bring some delightful peanut-butter kiss cookies to the hike on Monday.

Thanks for organizing the event!

Allison Riley said...

Awesome - we'll look forward to seeing you there! And I am already dreaming about peanut-butter kiss cookies, thank you!