Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Calling All Runners


If anyone is interested in putting together a running group - nothing too intense, maybe 2-4 miles 3X/week - RaeShell is hereby prepared to be your inspiration :). She's interested in running with a partner/group a few times per week in the mornings. Feel free to contact Rae if you're feeling like it's getting close to swimsuit season and that freaks you out a little because you've been hiding under sweaters all winter... just me?

In the interest of not posting personal info for the whole world to observe, hopefully you know how to get in touch with Rae! If not, snag me and I'll connect you with Runnin' Rae.

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Rae and Ben said...

Alison, THANK YOU!! You are amazing. You can have people comment here or contact me at my blog, benandrae.blogspot.com. Thanks, Rae