Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Time To Show A Little Love...

A lot of really great couples have moved into the ward recently. And when they walked in for the first time, I know what you were thinking... "I bet I could totally take them in Wii tennis." Prove it.

During February, it's all about the love. And trust me, when you play the Rileys, there will be plenty of love -- if you know what I'm sayin' {this is either my futile attempt at talking smack, or a pre-emptive admission of defeat...}. Come show off your mad interactive gaming skills at the Marmalade Pairs Open.

Place: Church Cultural Hall
Date: Monday, February 11th
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Details: Wii Tennis Hooked Up to the Giant Slide Show Screen in the Cultural Hall... need I say more?

It's not really worth it, however, if you're not consuming roughly twice the calories you burn off. So if you can, please bring a treat to share. Believe me, the wheels in my head are already cranking on how to make tennis-related munchies. Anything to incorporate that favorite of all Valentine's Day junk food staples: the sugar cookie.

We hope to see you there! This is one Valentine's Day tennis tourney that will not disappoint.

Yeah - it's going to be THIS exciting...


Craig and Cyndi said...

OMGosh...I'm excited!!! If you need more Wii remotes we have some. We will bring some yummy treats too.

AJ and Cindy Maudsley said...

We are excited! We can actually make this one, looks like fun!

Fae said...

Sugar cookies and Wii? We'll be there with bells on.