Wednesday, December 12, 2007

That's Not the Idea

Noah’s family has this really amazing collection of home videos. One absolute CLASSIC that is still quoted often at the Riley household is from Christmas morning when Noah was about 10. Apparently he asked for a super-cool track jacket and pants. As he tore into the gift, his face got progressively more disappointed (and for those of you who know how easy going this guy is, if Noah is disappointed, you’ve crossed the line). From behind the camera, his dad asks, “what’d ya get, Noah?” Noah held up the perpetrator – a sweater – and said, “that’s not the idea.”

In a household about 60 miles north, an awkward pre-teen Allison was dropping ALL kinds of hints about this “totally awesome” sweater in ZCMI’s ads. I seriously campaigned hard for this retina-burning kaleidoscope of yarn. And Christmas morning, my heart pounding in anticipation, my parents TOTALLY delivered.

Whether your sweater was “not the idea…” or you just had that poor of taste in all things cardigan, pullover and turtleneck… now is the time to display them proudly at the first annual Ugly Sweater Soiree.

Stuff You Should Know:
Monday, December 17
7:00 p.m.
Riley Residence – Marmalade Square #216 (650 N. 300 W.)

Come show off your sweetest sweater (none of this – it’s actually very cute on you business, ladies...), enjoy some holiday tunes, mingle with friends and decorate sugar cookies – some for you to take and eat, some for you to deliver to the widows/older couples in the ward.

We’ll supply the cookies and frosting. Please plan to bring some manner of cookie decorating items – sprinkles, little candies, you know the drill.

I will do what I can to get THIS guy there...

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